Frequently Asked Questions

About Us Being Your Photographers.


What is your ideal wedding to shoot?

When we think about our ideal wedding, the first, and only thing that comes to mind, is the couple. If you are crazy for each other and aren’t afraid to show it then everything else will be amazing. We always aim to capture the love, the feeling and the warmth between the two of you. That is what we look for in our couples.

What can I expect during my time with you?

Our goal is to capture the unique love and connection that the two of you have as a couple. Most of the time we’ll be snapping away while the two of you interact with each other. We love how movement and interaction can make each image and shoot different. In order for us to capture these genuine and sincere interactions, we’ll give you things to do while we shoot. We may also ask you questions about your relationship and how you met. Be thoughtful and honest with your answers so we can document the emotions you both evoke to these moments.

What do you look for in a client?

We dedicate ourselves to to document moments in the lives of those who are willing to open themselves up to us, to allow themselves to be vulnerable and connect on a level that will show their true love for each other. We don’t want to just be considered another vendor or stranger at your wedding. For us, we get emotionally involved in our work and we can’t play that role. We want to get to know you and hopefully become friends. We want to create something together, something meaningful.¬†It takes a great amount of effort to create images that evoke true love and feeling and we want to invest that care into couples that want to invest that same care into the process and into us.

Are we a good fit for each other?

We are available to anyone but may not be the best fit for everyone. Our couples both know and appreciate the value of photography and consider it to be a very important investment. They must feel something when they see our work and trust us to be able to capture emotional images of their own natural, raw love. They prioritize photography on their wedding day and aren’t afraid to have fun, get a little vulnerable and go on a great adventure with us. They enjoy the process of creating beautiful imagery, not just the outcome.

Do you travel?

YES! We love to travel. We are available to travel anywhere in the states and worldwide. We just need travel and accommodations to make it happen. (This usually consists of roundtrip plane tickets, a rental car and a two night stay at a local hotel.) Take a look at our bucket list; you might be in for a treat!

Do you shoot anything other than weddings?

Couples are our strong point. So because of that we only shoot Weddings, Elopements and Engagements.